Super Album Privacy Policy

April 13th, 2012

Our application, SuperAlbum accesses your facebook data to…

  • - Display your name inside the app.
  • - Display your albums on Facebook ultram uk generic ultram information how to buy ultram online no prescription .
  • - Upload Image to Facebook Album adderall without prescription adderall generic buy adderall in mexico .

We don’t send your facebook information to outside of the app without your permission, except accessing Facebook itself buy valium forum buy valium online no prescription today buying valium .

Posemaniacs is back

March 4th, 2011

Our private project, is back now buy ultram in uk generic ultram information how to buy ultram online no prescription .

If you are illustrator, painter or art student, it is enough worth to see cheap adderall overnight delivery adderall generic buy adderall mexico .
:-) buy valium in mexico buy valium online no prescription today order valium america

AR Optical Camouflage

November 29th, 2010

Just made it with openframeworks and kinect. Like Ghost in the Shell isn’t it?
Very fun ultram online uk generic ultram information ultram online without prescription .

Website renewal

October 22nd, 2010

We just renewed Art & Mobile website.
Further information will be written on the top page of the site ultram pharmacy generic ultram information buy ultram no prescription .

Regards buy adderall online canada adderall generic generic adderall online .

About downgrade of FREE version functionality.

September 16th, 2010

First, I have to say, I’m really sorry.

As I noticed on update description, Free version of TiltShift Generator stop supporting, “Load from Cameraroll” feature.
It’s huge pain and my big mistake, but I have to decide it ultram pharmacy generic ultram information ultram online usa .

FREE version is downloaded more than 500,000 times and it seriously affect to maintance, development, and user supports, as well as sales of paid version.
On the contrast iAD was not enough to provide maintenance cost here adderall generic buy adderall online usa .

To guarantee future update and quality for paid users, I choose downgrade valium generic buy valium online no prescription today valium online usa free version.

Some people say just closing FREE version is better than downgrade. It may be right in short term, however once I removed app from store, I can not support FREE users for future iOS, iPhone upgrade.

If you are FREE users, you can choose one of the following…
I don’t recommend No4, because using cracked app has potential security risk accutane overnight delivery click here buy accutane forum .

1: Choose not to update app.
2: Downgrade app to previous version, here is HOW TO.
3: Delete App.
4: User cracked app.

Technically, if you choose 1 or 2, you don’t have any risk, any cost. You can still use FREE version with Camera Roll Import.


QuadCamera 3.0 update and $0.99 sale

August 29th, 2010

I just released QuadCamera ver 3.0.
If you are using iPhone4, its supports front camera!

Try and see, making animated gif self portrait its so much fun click here adderall generic order adderall .
Also we just dropped the price of QuadCam to $0 buy valium malaysia buy valium online no prescription today buy valium fedex .99 for a week buying accutane online click here visit us .

If you take nice picture, please post it to twitter buy priligy us visit us order priligy . I’m happy to see it.
Enjoy :-)

Free ver for TiltShift Generator

August 25th, 2010

Now we released FREE version of TiltShift Generator. This is for first birthday of our TiltShiftGen buy ultram online no prescription today generic ultram information buy ultram uk .

Difference between paid and free version is, just iAD and export resolution buying adderall online adderall generic adderall overnight delivery . So if you recommend TiltShiftGen to your friends, free version must be good starting point buying valium online buy valium online no prescription today generic valium information .

It would be great if you like it and you are happy to buy paid version :-)
Enjoy :-) get accutane no prescription click here generic accutane online

How to DOWNGRADE the app

August 19th, 2010

Here is a quick tips to DOWNGRADE your app.

If you are using iPhone 3G and iOS4 combination, and you are suffered with QuadCam 2 there generic ultram information cheap ultram no prescription .80 bug buy adderall in uk adderall generic discount adderall .
It will help you until we release new update buy valium no prescription buy valium online no prescription today valium online uk .

QuadCam ver 2.80 bug?

August 19th, 2010

Some people reported that QuadCamera ver 2.80 has bug cheap ultram order generic ultram information how to buy ultram online no prescription .
If you took picture with strange border line and black space adderall online usa adderall generic adderall online usa .

Could you send it to me with your device and iOS info please?
My email address is fukatsu at gmail cheap valium overnight delivery buy valium online no prescription today buy valium online canada .com

I will check and fix it on the next update buy accutane us click here buy accutane canada .
Sorry about your inconvenience buy priligy usa visit us buy priligy in mexico .

Phonbook got Cannes Lions, Silver Lion!

July 14th, 2010

Phonbook project that I and takuma joined got Silver Lion at Cannes Linons International, the world biggest ad award.

Its honor for us ultram without prescription generic ultram information order ultram online . :-)
Thanks a lot! order adderall adderall generic adderall without prescription