Toy Camera

Toy Camera simply converts iPhone’s cheap camera to lovely toy camera like lomo.
Now we have a flickr group!

This app has no setting panel, no complex feature, just take a photo and you get nicely effected pictures.

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Price: US$1.99 / 230JPYen

56 Responses to “Toy Camera”

  1. caiubi says:

    great! but you should create a ‘generator’ of this app too! just like the ’tiltshift’

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  5. Jon says:

    Wow! Please ignore these ridiculously “purist” and short-sited requests to keep Toy Camera as a “camera” and not have the ability to post process. The inability to post process is a serious drawback to using the app and I think the filters (yes they are filters folks!) that are applied are some of the best out there and I would like to use the app more.

    But I can’t tell my subjects, “Hey wait, I’ve got to take that great shot again 7 more times because the app I’m using requires shooting 7 images” I may be able to tell that to a (dead) person, but not to a duck that just landed on the water or a plane that just passed directly overhead or a musician that would have me arrested if I got close enough for them to hear me, etc. I think you get the idea.

    Taking a photo should be effortless and having to fuss with one’s equipment is needless, especially when we are talking about software. At the very least, let us save an original image and let us process from the album.

  6. no post « says:

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