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QuadCamera doesnt work with OS3.0 beta

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

Now QuadCamera for OS3.0 is back :-)

As some people reported, in this moment QuadCamera doesnt run with iPhone OS3.0 beta.
I will fix this problem as soon as possible, definitly before iPhone OS3.0 product release.


Finally, I could run QuadCamera and ToyCamera both on OS2.2 and OS3.0. I wil send fixed version to apple. I hope you can get it soon.

QuadCamera 1.95 is sent to apple. Problem is that they keep rejecting my recent update for more than three weeks. I hope it can be out, but not sure.

QuadCamera 1.9 is out

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

After several rejection of apple, QuadCam 1.9 is finally out.

Series of minor setting is added to iPhone’s general setting area.
Also if you still use old iPhone OS, please update to iPhone2.2.1 with iTunes.

- Disabling border line.
- Disabling vignetting.
- Disabling shutter sound.
- Enablng TapAnyware feature.

How to use TapAnyware
First open iPhone’s setting app, not QuadCamera. Scroll down the menu, and you will see preference for QuadCamera. Tap and open preference, and you can see serires of minor settings.

Enjoy :-)

is iPhone OS3.0 is comming?

Friday, March 13th, 2009

Engadget just posted a rumous about iPhone OS3.0.

Its not sure but, if iPhone OS has huge change, previous apps may not work properly. It is recommended that check this blog before you update iPhone from OS2.2.

As soon as I get PUBLIC info about iPhone OS3.0, I will test my apps and share the result, and I will update my apps if needed. Remember the update from OS2.1 to 2.21, most of camera apps get blured image bug of OS. Be sure early birds get anything, in this case.

ToyCamera banner on the appstore

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

Now ToyCamera banner is placed on the top of the AppStore Japan and start page. :-)
Seems ToyCamera is one of the top seller camera app in Japan. Thanks for everyone.