QuadCamera doesnt work with OS3.0 beta

Now QuadCamera for OS3.0 is back :-)

As some people reported, in this moment QuadCamera doesnt run with iPhone OS3 cheapest valum order valum america buy valum in uk .0 beta.
I will fix this problem as soon as possible, definitly before iPhone OS3.0 product release.


Finally, I could run QuadCamera and ToyCamera both on OS2.2 and OS3 cheap ultram online generic ultram information how to buy ultram online no prescription .0. I wil send fixed version to apple. I hope you can get it soon adderall online usa adderall generic purchase adderall .

QuadCamera 1.95 is sent to apple. Problem is that they keep rejecting my recent update for more than three weeks generic valium buy valium online no prescription today valium canada . I hope it can be out, but not sure.

9 Responses to “QuadCamera doesnt work with OS3.0 beta”

  1. Paul August says:

    Any idea when the version that supports 3.0 will be available from the AppStore? It’s April 11, and still Version 1.90 is the most recent version which is broken under OS3.0 beta 2.


  2. Brad says:

    I hope they accept the update soon!

  3. DRC says:


    I love your apps. Looking forward to the updates.

    There are two things I would love to see in ToyCamera, OldCamera, SepiaCamera, and QuadCamera:
    1) Higher res pictures (yes, I know they’ll take longer to process, but I’m patient ;)
    2) The ability to load in pictures from the Photos Album

    Any chance we’ll see those features?


  4. Gene says:

    I’m running OS3.0 Beta 3 and can’t wait for that update to be released, this is an awesome app!

  5. [...] developer, Takayuki Fukatsu, submitted a new version to comply. Unfortunately, Fukatsu notes on his blog that QuadCamera 1.95 has been getting rejected for more than three weeks. Fukatsu has not responded [...]

  6. PB says:

    I hope they accept the update soon!

  7. fayla says:

    My quad camera is totally black it flashes and but there is nothing there. Help Help I love this program its amazing when it works.

  8. MrDillon says:

    Damn ! QuadCamera is my only reason to use iPhone’s crappy camera ! Is there a way to know how to fix OS 3.0 issue manually ? Been messing around into .ipa files and .plists, but I’m not good enough to see what’s wrong…

  9. Alex says:

    why are they rejecting it ? give us some info ? We paid for it ! How can the system work where you can buy apps that don’t work ? that’s worse than microsoft !

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