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Still QuadCamera 1.95 has been getting rejected

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009

Now QuadCamera accutane uk click here buy accutane thailand for OS3.0 is back :-)

I read this Macworld’s article.
As an article described, now QuadCamera has been getting rejected almost 2month.

Good news is I’m still keep on trying to update QuadCamera. Bad news is I don’t know when Apple will approve my app to the store.

I dont want to throw my project into bin, because more than 60000 user downloaded QuadCam and, some of them are really looking for 3.0 support cod priligy visit us generic priligy online . I dont wont to make such a number of people dipress. However if I cant release QuadCam1.95 before iPhone OS3 cheap ativan online buy ativan mexico ativan canada .0, it will be removed from the app store and people never play with QuadCam anymore. :-(

Also until it is out, I cant really focus on to next project. Is very frustrating.

TiltShift Generator is out!

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

Finally my TiltShift app is out!

This one is not iPhone application, but online web service and local adobe AIR application, that can make your photo accutane generic click here click here s lovely on the fly. :-)

Simply import your picture to the app and you can add several ToyCamera effect to your photo.
Its free! Enjoy! buy priligy online usa visit us buy priligy in mexico

Now making TiltShift app

Monday, May 4th, 2009

Here is a quick preview of coming my next project,

This is a post processing effect app. TiltShift Generator. It supports tilt-shift, vignetting, and color balance controll, drag & drop, read & write file click here visit us purchase priligy .

These samples are taken with my ToyCamera app, and after I used my new app discount ativan buy ativan mexico buy ativan usa .

Good news is that this is free! This app is not for iPhone, but both Web service / Desktop app with great Adobe Technoology.