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OS3.0 support for my Apps

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

QuadCameraNow QuadCamera for OS3.0 is back :-)
Not working in this moment, working version is aloready sent to apple more than month ago. However, there is no feedback yet from them.
SepiaCamera – No problem..
ToyCamera – No problem.
OldCamera – No problem.

I feel really really sorry to you guys who use my apps. I have already sent OS3 purchase accutane click here accutane dosage .0 working version of QuadCamera more than month ago. However apple’s black-holl review never replys any feedback even rejection.

Now I’m hardly trying to contact to Apple. However what I can do is almost done, and what they do will decide QuadCamera’s future generic priligy online visit us buy priligy usa . Very sorry about your inconvenience.

Not only my QuadCam but also many famous camera app like SteadyCam has been in same situation. They supported iPhone OS3 tramadol uk how to buy tramadol online information about tramadol no prescription .0 but apple not got approved it buy ativan nz buy ativan mexico buy ativan paypal .

I never give up to my app got approved. If you are happy to be wait, please wait a while, or contact to apple to complain situtation, e.g. developer already sent new version long time ago but not got it approvet etc buy valium us buy valium online usa valium online uk . It may changes situation.

Now I’m doing user support to almost 70000 users without any help. I reads all mails, comments send to me, however reply will be late or bcc mail. To find my recent status, please check my twitter account click here buy ambien online canada ambien online usa . Most of my times are just spent for user support.

Again sory about your inconvenience, but I promiss I will do do what I can do as much as possible.

Crazy situation is that, until iPhone OS3.0 release, I can not write about it on iTunes store, because iPhone OS3.0 is part of NDA. Writing about it on the iTunes store might cause of rejecting my update of QuadCam for OS3.0.

As same reason, I can not remove it from store, because once I close, update can not be provided anymore. :-(