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QuadCamera for OS3.0 is Back!!!

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

Finally QuadCamera for OS3.0 is back!!!

Today I received notification that says QuadCam 1.95 is out!
As soon as AppStore’s server data is updated, it will be downloadable, I think within 24 hours valium mexico buy valium online usa buy valium uk .

Thanks for all users who help me and waiting so long time.
Now its fully come back :-)

Language issue of Application

Monday, July 27th, 2009

Some people say that when they use ToyCamera / OldCamera their navigation is Japanese. I reserched the issue and find the problem. It will potentially happen with NON-English users.

It is language priority issue of iPhone. In your iPhone, if Japanese is treated as higher priority than English, it displays Japanese.

To solve problem,

1: Opne iPhone’s setting information about valium no prescription buy valium online usa valium mexico panel.
2: Find the language setting / its in the General setting.
3: Check language order, I think Japanese must be placed above the English.
4: Select English as your first language.
5: After select your mother language as your first language.
6: Now English has higher priority than Japanse.

It should be work like a charm :-)

Removing QuadCamera from app store

Friday, July 24th, 2009

Now QuadCamera for OS3.0 is back :-)

As you know, QuadCam is now in serious situation. :-(

Therefore, tody I temporaly removed QuadCam from the app store. Not Apple did, but I did by myself.

Because even I wrote CAUTION on the top of the store description, some people still buying it without understanding the situation :-( It is not happy thing both for me and them buy valium canada buy valium online usa valium online usa .

I just change the release date setting to the future date, so whenever QuadCam for OS3.0 is got approved, it can be back to the store quickly. For users who bought QuadCam, as soon as it come back, update is automaticlly notified via your iPhones AppStore app, and update is always for free.