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TiltShift on the Twitter

Saturday, September 19th, 2009

With new TiltShift Generator 1.01, we officially support #TiltShftGen tag on the Twitter accutane mexico click here buy accutane australia buy valium fedex buy valium online no prescription today buy valium mexico .com

Also Takuma Mori, the programmer who help me to develop TiltShift Generator made cool small service that shows all TiltShift Generator pics that is posted to the Twitter.

I’m very happy to see what everyone do with our app :-) cheapest priligy visit us discount priligy

How to make Miniature images with TiltShift Generator

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

Here is a easy step of making “Miniature Like” image with my TiltShift Generator. Please fix my crappy English. :-(

If you don’t have an iPhone version, you can use my free online TiltShift Generator made with Flash valium mexico buy valium online no prescription today buy valium no prescription .

Remove Atmosphere Effect
In our world atmosphere affects an image. It desaturates color of far location accutane online usa click here how to buy accutane online no prescription . On the other side, in miniature world, there is no atmosphere affection against color, because it is so close to our eyes.

To remove atmosphere effect, simply we apply strong saturation and contrast ativan online usa buy ativan mexico ativan online without prescription to the image how to buy priligy online no prescription visit us buy priligy in mexico .

Basically far place is not so vivid, because of the air layer.

To fix problem, we use strong saturation and contrast.

Changing focus and depth
If you see the something that is placed far place. You can clearly see many object around that one purchase valium online buy valium online usa valium cheap . However, if you see something that is very close to you. You can only see that object and any other things in your sight will be blurred buying tramadol how to buy tramadol online buy tramadol uk ambien cheap buy ambien online canada generic ambien .

Only focus on what you want to show, and keep any other background and foreground blurred.

Foreground and background are blurred. Because our range of focus should be very limited when we see small thing.

Camera angle
When you see a miniature, you will look down object from higher place. It is easy to miniaturerize if the image is taken from higher place and contains many objects. If image is taken by ground level and only contains close objects, it might be bit difficult to miniaturerize.

If you take a picture on the building or above the hill, it is very easy.

That’s it! Sometimes you can ignore those theory, if braking rule brings better results.
Try and enjoy :-)

Future update plan for TiltShiftGen

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

Thanks for your downloading my apps, seems it is 1st in Japanese app store, since is is out :-)
Here is a short road map for TiltShift Generator for iPhone.

We( I and Takuma Mori, great programmer) are keep improvement app as much as possible valium online without prescription buy valium online no prescription today cheap valium order .

Ver 1 accutane overnight click here accutane uk .01
- iPod Touch support buy tramadol forum how to buy tramadol online how to buy tramadol online
- in-app Twitter setting herbal priligy visit us buying priligy online .
- shake for slider reset ativan without prescription buy ativan mexico ativan online uk .

ver 1 cheap valium buy valium online usa valium online prescription .02 to 1 purchase ambien buy ambien online canada get ambien no prescription .03
- Hi resolution support.
- TwitPic support.
- Tutorial support.

TiltShift Generator is out

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

Our flash app TiltShift Generator is finally run on the iPhone!

This app is our first Photo Editing app, not a camera emulator. You can create minituare like or vintage toy-camera like picture from, your iPhone’s camera and album cheap valium online buy valium online no prescription today click here . You can see the sample images from our support page :-)