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QuadCamera 2.10 support Twitter post

Thursday, December 31st, 2009


This year’s last update is QuadCamera supports.
This version supports in-app Twitter Post feature order ativan america buy ativan mexico here .

You can see all posted images with #QuadCamera tag.
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Staibility bug for QuadCam 2.0

Monday, December 21st, 2009

Here is a bug report.
QuadCam 2.0 is sometimes unstable, when you view animation mode buy ativan online canada buy ativan mexico ativan online canada .
If QuadCam crush and you can’t launch QuadCam again, please turn off and restart iPhone please.

This bug will be fixed in next update valium without a prescription buy valium online usa order valium america .
I’m very sorry about your inconvenience. :-(

Next update will out around beginning to middle of January, its depends on apple’s review team, but actually new version is almost ready here buy ambien online canada cheap ambien overnight delivery . QuadCam 2.1 supports this stability bug fix and in-app twitter post tramadol uk how to buy tramadol online discount tramadol .

31th DEC 2009
This bug is fixed.

Multi-Language for TiltShiftGen

Friday, December 18th, 2009

Now I’m doing multiple language support for TiltShift Generator.

First thee language is French, Korean, Chinese, and German. Spanish, Russian, and Spanish follows next buying valium buy valium online usa buying valium .
Please let me know if there is something strange expression in tutorial.

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QuadCamera 2.0 is out

Saturday, December 12th, 2009

After long pending review, since August?, QuadCamera is finally updated!

This version contains in app animation player that’ like our QuadAnimator has. In this moment, QuadCamera only supports animation player, but not animated gif exporter herbal ativan buy ativan mexico generic ativan online . However we are planing to add in-app animated exporter for the future generic valium buy valium online usa buy valium uk .

Only bad news is that, today it seems that there is App store’s cache server delay order ambien online buy ambien online canada prescription ambien . App may not be updated properly for some people, some area tramadol cheap how to buy tramadol online buying tramadol online . If you were so, please wait a while, I trust apple solve problem soon.