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AdWords for Haiti Earthquake project

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

I just got $50, free trial ticket for Google AdWords.

I have notthing to do with it. So I descided to do a small experiment. ;-)

I made google ad that is linked to unicef’s Haiti Earthquake donation page. I don’t know google got approved it or not, just tried cod valium buy valium online usa buy valium online canada .

I think there are a lot of unused free AdWords ticket. If everyone use them for these kind of trial, it may make something better. Just try if you have any unused ticket.

iPhone Metronome app built with Flash

Monday, January 25th, 2010


My new app is free Metronome app.
The point of the app is that it is built with Adobe Flash CS5, Flash for iPhone technology. I think this is the first iPhone app that is built with Flash in Japan.

I can’t talk a detail about it in this moment.

The reason why I made metronome as my first iPhone app is that I wanted to do some technical research for speed and animation. Because many people said that flash is too slow for iPhone. Actually I cant agree with that opinion.

As you see the app, it seems that flash for iPhone is enough fast to create actual project. It may be not for 3D FPS game, but do we need super fast animation just for an utility app? I don’t think so discount valium buy valium online usa buy valium usa . In addition the greatest thing about Flash is that, we can easily make both app for iPhone and app for online demo!!! Promoting iPhone app is one of the biggest difficulty about app store, now only flash developer can upload online working demo to their website. Its a strong advantage! (In this moment, I don’t upload online demo, because swf file may contains some codes.)

This metronome app is very simple. I’m planning to distribute source code as an open source. Source code will be available after actual CS5 release date(I don’t know when it is). For more further announcement please follow my twitter account. :-)

2009 Best App Ever Award

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

Today I received announcement of 2009 Best App Ever Award from 148apps.
Good news is that three of my apps are selected as nominees. Its honor to me, because it seems that only my apps are selected from Japan except Space Invader Infinity.

It would be great, if you are happy to vote my apps :-)

ToyCamera, Best Photography App & Best Photo Manipulation App
QuadCamera, Best Photography App
TiltShift Generator, Best Photo Manipulation App

According to the mail, result will be announced at the Macworld Expo cheapest valium buy valium online usa buying valium .

Public voting is open now and will continue through 1/31/2010. The
winners will be announced 2/10/2010 at the 2010 Macworld Expo.