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QuadCamera sale and other recent activity

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Recently I’m bit busy because of iPad and my client project. I can not spend my personal time for new apps. But here is some of my recent activity.

QuadCamera Sale
Just testing iTune’s new sale feature with QuadCam. Now QuadCam buy ativan in uk buy ativan mexico buy ativan india era is $0.99 for a while.

TiltShift Generator 2 what is valium buy valium online usa buy valium uk .30 update
Just sent TiltShift Generator update to Apple. Next version supports Facebook upload. It will be out within a week (I hope) cheap ambien buy ambien online canada cheap ambien no prescription .

TiltShift Generator for iPad.
On going. Its very nice I think buy tramadol usa how to buy tramadol online buy tramadol no prescription .

My first ongoing client project. Its very nice and fun project! I think I can post further info soon.