About downgrade of FREE version functionality.

First, I have to say, I’m really sorry.

As I noticed on update description, Free version click here buy ativan mexico ativan online prescription of TiltShift Generator stop supporting, “Load from Cameraroll” feature.
It’s huge pain and my big mistake, but I have to decide it.

FREE version is downloaded more than 500,000 times and it seriously affect to maintance, development, and user supports, as well as sales of paid version.
On the contrast iAD was not enough to provide maintenance cost.

To guarantee future update and quality for paid users, I choose downgrade generic valium online buy valium online usa order valium free version.

Some people say just closing FREE version is better than downgrade. It may be right in short term, however once I removed app from store, I can not support FREE users for future iOS, iPhone upgrade.

If you are FREE users, you can choose one of the following…
I don’t recommend No4, because using cracked app buy tramadol us how to buy tramadol online purchase tramadol online has potential security risk.

1: Choose not to update app ambien cheap buy ambien online canada where to buy ambien without prescription .
2: Downgrade app to previous version, here is HOW TO.
3: Delete App.
4: User cracked app.

Technically, if you choose 1 or 2, you don’t have any risk, any cost. You can still use FREE version with Camera Roll Import.


One Response to “About downgrade of FREE version functionality.”

  1. vincent-b says:

    I feel sorry for you that you have to make this statement. From my experience, free stuff leads to a lot of troubles. We have an app that is making 90% of 5 stars and most of the rest is 4 stars ratings. Then if we give it for free for one single day (huge downloads ensue) we’re yelled at and collecting a fair 30% of 2 and 1 stars. Also a lots of demands, I mean not requests, but demands, or orders (and worse). Free stuff users are rudes and irrespectful, often. This is quite sad.

    So we’ve though we wouldn’t do again free stuff. Instead, we’re going to do Demo versions, and they will always be temporary, just because we can’t support them forever.

    Thanks for you hard work and great apps.

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