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How beautiful Retina display is…

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010


Here is a comparison between new iPhone4 2x retina display and normal 3gs display (click to enlarge).

Its a PSD data that I made it for new iPhone4. As you see, there is quite big difference and supporting retina display is quite hard work if you are using bitmap graphics buy priligy in mexico visit us buy priligy paypal a lot cheap accutane no prescription click here buy accutane forum .

Because user interface for TiltShift Generator is originally made with BitmapData. I have to re-make everything and it tooks almost 2days just for drawing graphics. Anyway next update for TiltShiftGen supports Retina display. It will be out in two weeks after iPhone4 release cheap ativan buy ativan mexico buy ativan in mexico .

Iris Animation for QuadCamera

Friday, February 6th, 2009

Now I’m considering to add Iris Animation Effect to QuadCamera.
I’dont know it’s technically possible or not, but definitely attractive isn’t it?