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AR Optical Camouflage

Monday, November 29th, 2010

Just made it with openframeworks and kinect. Like Ghost in the Shell isn’t it?
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QuadAnimator is now in Labs

Sunday, January 25th, 2009

Some people want to know what I’m making now, and what I didn’t implemented to my apps. I made new lab section for experimental stuff.

QuadAnimator is an animation gif builder for my multi-shoot app QuadCamera. This is not an iPhone app, but web widget implemented with Flash, need player10. Also local exe file is available.

With this widget, you can make animation gif from picture taken with QuadCamera on the fly. It’s so much fun generic valium buy valium online usa what is valium . Enjoy and give me feedback :-)

The reason I didn’t add this feature to QuadCamera is simply that, iPhone’s album doesn’t support both flash and Animation Gif. If many people want and apple support it, I may add it.

iPhone OS2.2 has a bug, and when you send your photo to pc via Email attaching, mail app resizes image. This resize cause to fail an image loading in QuadAnimator.