Most of our app supports iPhone4 now

July 4th, 2010

Now, our QuadCam, TiltShiftGen, ToyCam, OldCam, SepiaCam supports iPhone OS4 basic functionality ( not perfect retina display yet ).

ToyCam supports full rez exports.
QuadCam supprots 8 of 800×600 (formaly 400×300) multishot.
TiltShift Gen also supports full rez exports.

All Icon and Launch screen is re-made for iPhone4. Now we starts minor tuning for iPhone4 and iOS.
Enjoy :-)

Please join Camera App Union.

June 24th, 2010

Every time new iOS and iPhone cames, camera app sufferd from cross compatibility problem.
Because we can’t test camera device, until product is out. To matter worth many developer cant get new iPhone4 yet.

I think we should share our knowledge and experience to solve problem.
I made Google Groupe called, iPhone Camera App Union.

Please join, tweet, tell to your friend, and blog about it.

New iPhone4 and iOS4 support of my products

June 22nd, 2010

Here is a roadmap of my Camera apps for new iPhone4 and iOS4.
Because apple never provides device when it is actually out, I have to test first before I upload iPhone4 version.
I think every app works basically how ever it takes at least one-two weeks for fully supported.
Please wait a while.

TiltShift Generator:
Current version is new device, os compatible.
Next version supports full retina 2x display.

Current version is os compatible. Need test with actual iPhone4.
Ongoing review version supports iOS4 compatible icon design.
Two next version supports iPhone4 and will capture larger image size 800×600 each grid.

ToyCamera, OldCamera, SepiaCamera:
Current version is os compatible.
Next version supports, retina 2x icon and launch screen.

How beautiful Retina display is…

June 16th, 2010


Here is a comparison between new iPhone4 2x retina display and normal 3gs display (click to enlarge).

Its a PSD data that I made it for new iPhone4. As you see, there is quite big difference and supporting retina display is quite hard work if you are using bitmap graphics a lot.

Because user interface for TiltShift Generator is originally made with BitmapData. I have to re-make everything and it tooks almost 2days just for drawing graphics. Anyway next update for TiltShiftGen supports Retina display. It will be out in two weeks after iPhone4 release.

Phonbook project is out!

May 27th, 2010

I and Takuma, TiltShift Generator team, our latest and the first client project, PhoneBook Ride! Ride! is out on 25th May.

I don’t have to say anything to describe the project. Just see the video and you will understand. :-)

Original idea is from Mobile Art Lab, they made concept video first, and after we joined to make it actual application.

Our part is UI designing, Interaction, Flash Prototyping(Everything is made with Flash first, and re-implemented to ObjectiveC by hand), and programming. Creative direction is by Dentsu, Animation and Sounds are by Robot, published by Kodansha. I think its killer for children. :-)

You can get this book from Amazon Japan’s English page. and app is for FREE from iTunes store. Sorry, book is almost sold out, but anyway you can downlaod app for free. Enjoy.


深津貴之 – Me!
森琢磨 – Takuma

Upload problem to TwitPic

April 13th, 2010

It seems that Twitpic changes their API, and now their upload program has bug.

You can upload image via from app, but the URL for image is not correct now.
It’s not our bug and I’m sorry but I can’t fix it. I think they will fix the problem soon.

Please wait a while.

TiltShiftGen for iPad

April 4th, 2010


Now TiltShift Generator for iPad is out!.
I think its enough worth to see.

It’s functionality is basically same as iPhone version(except facebook upload), but anyway larger screen and quick response is super happy to play. :-)

If you are media person or review site, please let me know, I will have some promo codes :-)

QuadCamera sale and other recent activity

March 24th, 2010

Recently I’m bit busy because of iPad and my client project. I can not spend my personal time for new apps. But here is some of my recent activity.

QuadCamera Sale
Just testing iTune’s new sale feature with QuadCam. Now QuadCamera is $0.99 for a while.

TiltShift Generator 2.30 update
Just sent TiltShift Generator update to Apple. Next version supports Facebook upload. It will be out within a week (I hope).

TiltShift Generator for iPad.
On going. Its very nice I think.

My first ongoing client project. Its very nice and fun project! I think I can post further info soon.

QuadCamera now supports Animated GIF.

February 24th, 2010

by David and Vanessa

Loag awated animated GIF exporter is now embedded into QuadCamera!

With QuadCamera 2.30, you can export animated GIF via Twitter or Email.
Process to export is quite simple.

1: Take / Import a picture.
2: Select animation mode from bottom of the menu.
3: Select export button form bottom right of the menu.
4: Thats it.

Also noew is $0.99 sale for Animated GIF. In addition we got extra prpmo codes, if you are blogger / media, feel free and contact me.
Enjoy :-)

World first music video taken with iPhone 3G?

February 12th, 2010

XIAO GE ER from Mario Cavalli on Vimeo.

Just got email from Mario Cavalli, English moving image director.

According to Mario, XIAO GE ER may be the first music video shot entirely on a (non-video) iPhone 3G.
In addition happy thing to me is that all images are taken with my app QuadCamera! Its really fun to see. :-)

This video XIAO GE ER is included in the Akira Kosemura’s forthcoming album Grasslands. Video is directed by Mario Cavalli